Low-Profile Or Normal Keyboards: What Are The Differences?

Low-Profile Or Normal Keyboards What Are The Differences

With better tactile and user experience, it is no surprise that mechanical keyboards are becoming one of the go-to computer gadgets for gamers and typing enthusiasts alike. However, you might feel overwhelmed by the options available if you are a newbie stepping into the world of mechanical keyboards.


One of the decisions you will have to make is to decide between a low-profile and a standard keyboard. Naturally, you might wonder about their differences and which option is better when presented with both choices. Fret not! Read on as we compare these two keyboards to help you make an informed decision.


Difference #1: Keyboard switches


Keyboard switches


The immediate difference you will notice once you lay your eyes on a low-profile mechanical keyboard is its keyboard switches. As the name implies, these switches have a lower actuation point – around 35% to 40% shorter – offering a shorter travel distance and a more rapid trigger rate. In layman’s terms, this means low-profile switches are faster and easier to activate.


A shorter actuation distance also means low-profile keyboard switches are slimmer than regular switches. Naturally, this impacts the tactile experience, and those used to standard keyboards may not be accustomed to the sensation and sound of a low-profile keyboard initially, as it requires a lighter touch and has less pronounced feedback while typing. However, this makes them ideal for users who prefer a shallower keystroke.


Difference #2: Keycaps


Keycaps-keyboard switches


Keycaps refer to the coverings placed on top of individual keyboard switches to provide users with a surface for typing. Naturally, low-profile keycaps are much shorter and flatter to complement the slim design of the switches. This design choice will also affect the overall user experience, as those familiar with the traditional height and curvature of a normal keycap may find it less comfortable to type on a low-profile mechanical keyboard.


Difference #3: Ergonomics


Ergonomics-mechanical keyboard


While it may take time for users to get used to typing on a low-profile mechanical keyboard, they may find the overall experience more comfortable in the long run. Thanks to its more ergonomically friendly design and reduced height, you do not need to raise your hands as much to type on a low-profile board, allowing your wrists to maintain a more neutral position. As a result, less stress is placed on the wrists during extended typing or gaming sessions, so you are less likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome or general wrist pains.


Difference #4: Portability


Portability-mechanical keyboards


Obviously, as the name suggests, low-profile mechanical keyboards are shorter – generally 2/3 or half the height of a regular board. As a result, they are slimmer and weigh less, making them more portable. You can easily slip a low-profile keyboard into your backpack without taking up much space, doubly so if the board is wireless. So you may find that a low-profile keyboard is more convenient if you work on the go constantly.


Should you get a low-profile mechanical keyboard? The answer to this question depends on your situation and preference. Low-profile boards are generally popular among users who care about comfort but are not ready to invest money into getting an ergonomic keyboard. In these instances, low-profile keyboards provide a perfect middle ground, with a regular shape and a lower height.


Moreover, low-profile keyboards are specifically designed with gamers and those who value portability in mind. With a lower actuation point, the keyboard switches can be activated faster, providing users with a more competitive edge. Meanwhile, its slim design allows those who travel frequently to carry their dedicated keyboard with them whenever necessary.


If these features appeal to you, a low-profile keyboard would be ideal. However, there is nothing wrong with opting for familiarity and going with a normal-profile mechanical keyboard if you prefer the more tactile experience of a regular board or decide against adapting to something different.


Regardless of your decision, you can turn to The Masked Studio for all your mechanical keyboard needs. We offer a broad range of pre-built and custom keyboards from popular brands like Keychron and Royal Kludge. Visit our website today to browse our comprehensive catalogue.

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